About Belgrade


The city of Belgrade, Serbia, is located where the Sava river meets the Danube and where old-world culture meets the hip and modern. This is the place where worlds collide; where ancient history merges with medieval times, which again merge with the contemporary age. The ’White City’ was fought over countless times, destroyed and rebuilt many times and as a result emerged with a strong spirit which can be found in its architecture, landmarks, in its people and the overall way of life.

Grandiose coffee houses, quirky sidewalk ice-creameries and smoky dens all find a rightful place along Knez Mihailova, a lively pedestrian boulevard flanked by historical buildings all the way to the ancient Kalemegdan Citadel, the crown of the city. The old riverside Savamala quarter has gone from ruin to resurrection, and is the city’s creative headquarters. Deeper in Belgrade’s bowels are museums guarding the cultural, religious and military heritage of the country.

Serbians, in general, are loud, happy, outgoing, hospitable, and always glad to meet new people. It is incredibly easy to make contacts with Serbian people.