Months have passed since BBICC 2017 has officially ended. During the time, we had a pleasure to not only spend time with some of the most amazing people all around the world but also to listen to their solutions for the real-time business problems developed in a short span of time. When you blend wonderful people with great ideas and combine that with even greater energy, the outcome is the forever living memory of an extraordinary experience.

So many people have presented really great ideas; nevertheless, a winner and runner-ups had to be chosen. We sincerely congratulate the ones who really pushed their limits to their maximum and showed us what hard work, perseverance and young minds can do by working together. It is our great pleasure to announce the winners of this year’s BBICC :

1st place: Nanyang Technological University


2nd place: Thammasat University



3rd place: National University of Singapore


Best presenter – Stephanie Lam, National University of Singapore