What to Pack


Here is a list of useful and necessary things that we recommend or remind you to pack for your trip to BBICC 2017.

– Warm clothes – Belgrade can be rainy and cold in April. Average temperature in April is around 15°C (59°F). That is why we recommend that you take a warm sweater and solid shoes with you, in order to be comfortable while exploring Belgrade.

– Formal clothes – You’ll need this for dinners and final day of your competition. Pack something smart. Black is always in.

– Adapters and chargers – Please note that electricity voltage in Serbia is 220V (standard European). We suggest you prepare an adapter for your cell phone and laptops in case you are coming from a country that has different voltage.

– Camera – We assure you that there will be loads of amazing moments to capture in Belgrade. A camera is a must.

– Laptop – Don’t forget your computer, as you will need one for your competition.

– Umbrella – just in case.

– Positive attitude – No need to explain this one! Belgrade is definitely going to be a lot of fun. Bring your smile!