During the sixth edition of BBICC, 20 participating teams from all around the world will compete and solve a real-life business problem to test their limits and gain relevant knowledge for their professional future. However, we need positive, organized and outgoing student ambassadors to help those teams get an experience of a lifetime.

Student ambassadors are the face of our faculty, university and culture. This significant team consists of 20 students whose tasks are accompanying teams during the competition. Aside from welcoming them and ensuring that all rules and activities are maintained during the competition, ambassadors spend time with them during sightseeing tours, night outs and other events prepared by the BBICC Organizing Committee.

Being part of BBICC every student ambassador will have the opportunity to:

  • Get behind the scenes and be part of one of the top global business case competitions
  • Gain responsibility to take BBICC experience to a whole new level and make it memorable and enjoyable
  • Challenge them in a unique and fun way
  • Meet interesting, enthusiastic and inspiring people from different cultures
  • Network with other ambitious students, as well as with employees from renowned Serbian companies