BBICC 2014


Winners of BBICC 2014:

1st place: National University of Singapore

2nd place: Queensland University of Technology

3rd place (shared): University of Porto

3rd place (shared): University of Belgrade

BBICC 2014 Participants:

BBICC 2014 Case Summary:  


Case summary:

The top management of the Danubius Company is considering a business strategy until 2017. The results of a marketing research show that pasta consumption in Serbia is 2.5kg per person a year, which is low when compared to other countries. Households in Serbia appear unaware of the fact that pasta is recommended as a healthy meal. In addition to this, households in Serbia expect an affordable price of pasta, in line with their purchasing power. In September 2014, Danubius Company plans to launch a new pasta production line that will double production. This will open up possibilities for boosting consumption and sales as well as enable the company to assume a strategic position in new foreign markets. The prerequisite in selecting new markets is to gain a competitive advantage for the Danubius pasta in expanding distribution channels and understanding consumer behavior.


  1. An increase in pasta consumption in Serbia from 2.5kg to 7kg per person a year until 2017 while ensuring that the Danubius Company remains the leader in pasta sales with 21% of the market share
  2. Drafting an export plan of Danubius pasta on current as well as new markets until 2017. Define potential markets and ways of entering new markets, draft analyses of competitors and a marketing strategy for pasta