BBICC 2013


Winners of BBICC 2013:

1st place: National University of Singapore


2nd place: Thammasat University


3rd place: Simon Fraser University


BBICC 2013 Participants:



BBICC 2013 Case Summary:  


Proudly made in SERBIA FAS brand challenge



Case Summary:

Each year the annual meeting for evaluating the business results takes place in Belgrade. Top management team from FIAT Automobile Serbia (FAS) is going to discuss about: “Proudly made in Serbia” concept and FAS brand challenge for FIAT 500L model and corporate brand until 2016.

The representatives of FAS decided to launch the 500L model at a VIP event in the White palace, royal residence on the 20th September 2012. An integrated marketing communication campaign was suggested for FIAT 500L models that would present Proudly made in Serbia concept to the target market. The campaign consisted of three phases: Communication activities prior to launching the new car model, launching FIAT 500L model and the communication activities after launching the model.

The top management team hired students as the business consultants of the company FAS Ltd. to think about:

  1. Future promotional activities for the period between 2013 and 2016 for 500 L brand. The above-the-line activities (advertising, media appearances) have already been implemented, so the company plans to use that period to focus on BTL (below-the-line) activities – sales promotions, organisation of special events and promotions at the point of sale, direct communication with customers – with respect to the target groups’
    demands.  The total costs of BTL promotional activities amount to €500.000 until 2016. Using the international or domestic benchmarks you should develop BTL marketing plan for 500 L brand for Serbia market until 2016.
  2. The marketing and sales departments are also in a dilemma on how to develop stronger brand loyalty concept and improve sales mechanism for 500 L brand for achieving the sales target of 580 cars in Serbia in 2013. Your task is to define activities, metrics and budget for the process of creating CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for current and potential customers for 500 L brand in Serbia. You can also include used car user from FAS for buying new 500 L model.
  3. The PR and HR departments are discussing about future internal branding strategy. Using the international or domestic benchmarks you should develop activities for encouraging employees as brand ambassadors and suggest internal communication plan which will create stronger brand image of FIAT Automobile Serbia with corporate values align with Fiat Automobile Group values. The total costs of internal branding activities and communication plan amount to 100.000€ until 2016.