BBICC 2017


Winners of BBICC 2017:

1st place: Nanyang Technological University

2nd place: Thammasat University

3rd place: National University of Singapore

Best presenter – Stephanie Lam, National University of Singapore


BBICC 2017 Participants:


BBICC 2017 Case Summary:

Nordeus case:

Nordeus is an one-of-a-kind company based in Belgrade, since it can surely be addressed as an authentic Serbian startup miracle. Nordeus paved its way to success in the constantly growing gaming industry with its debut and signature game – Top Eleven Football Manager.


Secure the long-term growth of revenue generated by Nordeus’s game superstar – Top Eleven Football Manager.

Government of the Republic of Serbia case:

Although it may be common prejudice that a default case provider is always a company belonging to one of the various industries in the business world, BBICC 2017 proved the stereotypes wrong. Our strategic partner, Government of the Republic of Serbia provided the case this year, recognizing the values BBICC participants have to offer, as well as their genuine points of view the Government probably did not come across with.


On the one hand, brand Serbia as the next tourist destination and on the other hand make Serbia an appealing business destination by attracting FDI.