BBICC 2016


Winners of BBICC 2016:

1st place: National University of Singapore

2nd place: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

3rd place: Maastricht University

Best presenter – Marijn Schneider, Maastricht University

BBICC 2016 Participants:

BBICC 2016 Case Summary:


Banca Intesa Belgrade Case:

Banca Intesa Belgrade is highly committed to innovating and improving its current portfolio of products, striving to remain the leader on the Serbian market. However, the retail industry in Serbia is mostly oriented toward pushing products rather than being consumer- oriented and focusing on the essential needs, behavioral patterns, and traits of consumers. Banca Intesa has embarked on an ambitious program to transform business from a corporate bank to a retail bank.


Define the strategic direction of future retail banking for Banca Intesa in Serbia including consumer segments, to secure stable growth until 2019. Using international benchmarks, develop a set of activities that will change the Bank’s strategy from product push to client pull. Your team should focus on innovative and low-cost solutions.


Philip Morris International Case:

As a courtesy to the case sponsor, the case information could not be released to the public.